Wake me up when September ends

The summer of covid

The summer of stillness , stay home , time to breathe , space to breathe , breathe .

I needed this space and time . Let’s lay the pandemic aside for a while . Let’s ignore the post truth mindset of world leaders .

What is it you want for humanities future ? What endings and beginnings , what life events .

Let me know what I can do with my skills of Art and creativity , Jesus inspired living and lives experience of complex disability .

I have a very small amount of availability left this autumn and I’m looking for unique , complex , creative – differently wired clients who want to have and enjoy life to the full and leave behind a beautiful legacy for the future generations .

I recently got a jacket ( new old stock ) from Boy London — Boy was established in 1976 and I’ve had my eye on this jacket since a fellow student arrived wearing one on my first day at drama school in 1988 .

The Boy moto was The strength of the country lies in its youth —- this was back up by a logo of a big eagle ( and reminds me of a passage in the psalms where David talks of God renewing our strength like the eagles .

That first day as a drama student was a slightly chilly end of September and I remember well moving from street to the theatre school cafe / from foggy autumn outside to smoke filled foggy green room cafe inside .

It was like the kids from fame and people did dance on tables and play spontaneous piano

The fog in my head slowly lifted as I found kind loving normal nurturing people . I was ( and still am ) recovering from a horrid abusive time at a grim boarding school .

Now I want to celebrate the end of September with you , help you help yourself wake up with renewed strength like the eagles into a beautiful October of hope .

U2 have a wonderful song in their back catalogue about October and the trees stripping . Let’s reflect on that in a future post .

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