Silent Witness

When no words come I Paint . This enables me to take a thought beyond my own mind into the public arena . Arts subjective and yes it dies cause problems with committee meetings and health care practitioners. Alternative communication seems to bother people as much as wheelchair or continence management . But in truth it’s no big deal . Recently I had a meeting with an asthma nurse , we communicated on paper / words / diagrams . It was a simple helpful meeting . My art is about beyond words . Just recently I’ve been wondering if I could solve Brexit using visual art ?

I’ve been dreaming of a silent House of Commons ( no not because they are shut ) of debates typed and read and responded top of paintings and photographs silently reflected on .

Sometimes voice is not possible but being listened to silently is . Of course the intersections of disability are a challenge and audio and typed description will frequently be needed .

But with headphones and minimal help we could have silent politics that speaks volumes , listens well and generates true change .

The picture of Diana called wreaths of empire from my 2017 exhibition will be once again available for sale next month . If you’d like to invest in this significant reflection of Brexit beyond words I can arrange a viewing for you . Also interested in a sale or long term museum collection loan arrangement .

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