Brighton ,heroes and retreat

It’s been a while . Please see the above link to the overhauled web site , with huge thanks to the wonderful  Ben and Amanda for getting this and a pile of flyers ready for me to take to greenbelt festival .

my heroes include Steve jobs and Jesus of Nazareth . I wonder how they would have got on . They both started with minimalist teams and massive concepts that herolded global change .

Both loved to retreat , Christ to the mount of olives , or his ever ready chauffeur capatained boat , Steve to a small calm room with silence and occasional sips of diet soda water . Whenever a crowd came Christ would say to his friends , let us go some place else . Retreat in preparation for the what next !

over the last few years I’ve enjoyed working on designing just the perfect , motor home , caravan , and now micro camper in a kangoo to meet my evolving needs as a middle aged paraplegic .

The buzz , the rain fall on the roof , the being anywhere and everywhere yet on the edge of nowhere …. endless possibilities . Silence .

i love sea side , old British sea side , living on canvey island.

in the last year I’ve enjoyed Margate , the Scottish coast , Hastings , Bognor Regis , Brighton , Eastbourne, Southend on sea……


i love the 2 p slot machines .


mostly I love to sleep and paint and think , consume  coffee vitamin b12 and sugar free  drinks !

Lots of people think life is about being busy , living like everyone else , normality , obedience .

christ talked about living life to the full .

i suggest fullness is a less is more counter cultural existence that involves not conforming to the ways of the world .

out of silence comes a powerful voice , sometimes without words that is life changing l


i love being a soul companion and look forward to journeying with you to help you love your soul x


One response to “Brighton ,heroes and retreat

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