One man and his pug went to mow a meadow

Well we didn’t, but what we did manage to do was have a pleasant afternoon and use a combination of electric wheelchair and strimmer to slightly improve the front garden.


I’m no gardener I’m a theologian and spiritual practitioner. I believe that disability brings both burdens and gifts and although sometimes we can appear to the wider world to be broken, in fact, we are both beautifully broken and wonderfully whole.

I garden like a theologian and pray like a gardener. If you engage with me on your spiritual journey, you may find yourself cut back to a tiny shoot, just sticking out of the ground. But it’s quite possible that from that shoot, firmer roots and greater growth will develop.

Whats this about a pug? She is my dear friend Lola, she is three and has been with me since she was a puppy who liked to hide inside my jacket – especially during thunderstorms. I will use her to help us all explore our journeys.

Talking of journeys, mine are slow. I’m a paraplegic and can need help with lots of every day stuff, but I love wheels and re-inventing them. Wheelchairs, hand cycles, radio controlled skateboards, old cars, but mostly hand cycles. So one man and his pug and their hand cycle, invite you to come on a journey with them.

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