Changing places

This / let the picture speak . Please can hospitals church buildings community venues install these .

Moto and weather spoon keep up the good work , but fit dead locks ( yes people have walked in on me and my carers and my naked bottom mid care activity .

Silent Witness

When no words come I Paint . This enables me to take a thought beyond my own mind into the public arena . Arts subjective and yes it dies cause problems with committee meetings and health care practitioners. Alternative communication seems to bother people as much as wheelchair or continence management . But in truth it’s no big deal . Recently I had a meeting with an asthma nurse , we communicated on paper / words / diagrams . It was a simple helpful meeting . My art is about beyond words . Just recently I’ve been wondering if I could solve Brexit using visual art ?

I’ve been dreaming of a silent House of Commons ( no not because they are shut ) of debates typed and read and responded top of paintings and photographs silently reflected on .

Sometimes voice is not possible but being listened to silently is . Of course the intersections of disability are a challenge and audio and typed description will frequently be needed .

But with headphones and minimal help we could have silent politics that speaks volumes , listens well and generates true change .

The picture of Diana called wreaths of empire from my 2017 exhibition will be once again available for sale next month . If you’d like to invest in this significant reflection of Brexit beyond words I can arrange a viewing for you . Also interested in a sale or long term museum collection loan arrangement .

Crippology a paradigm for disability missiology

BF96E7A3-9DF5-4378-8F7A-DCDFC2B2E6A4Crippology exploring a wheely woke theology of disability from the margins .
I spend much of my time near the sea shore watching wind and storm , tide and time .
Fishing boats and fishing folk .
I am a priest / artist cripple .
Waiting to be told to leave my nets .
Waiting to have breakfast on the beach with Jesus .
I want to cross the sand .
I long to enter the water .
But wheels don’t like deep sand .
I’m interested that male able bodied church people
have never offered to carry me over the sand .
Carry me to the shore .
Lead me to the waters of baptism .
Each time I’m near a beach with my wife , she goes and gets some sea water
We splash this on each other’s foreheads in the name of the trinity .
From here my journey starts .
A large conference takes place this week , developing a missiology of disability .
It’s hosted by the supposedly able and few with any complex disability combined with theological training will be in attendance.
Christ’s great commission is to go to every people group / every ethnos with the gospel . To baptise people as Christ’s followers and give them dual citizenship of their ethnic identity and Gods eternal kingdom in the now and all eternity.
Disability is not a community it’s an intersectionality between many communities . It becomes a rut and an obsession because of the high price tags on treatment and equipment , access and attitude . I am a priest and artist . I am a person living on a small island in the Thames estuary .
I am spasticus autisticus but much more besides .
In the uk at the moment the identity of our ancestors can lead to the stripping of our citizenship.
How does that apply metaphorically to hereditary disability / acquired disability and a place in gods kingdom .
Even if we receive our daily bread via the Nhs as a fresubin shake our access to God’s kingdom / heaven in the now and in eternity must be equitable .
A missiology of disability must have disabled practitioners at its heart . It must not assume a perceived intellectual or physical difference as being less than and needing ministering to . It may well be more than , informing and need listening too .
Yes practically to arrange equipment / care etc etc at a conference is complex .
But not to receive the wedding invite is worse !

Greenbelt, dipping into the pool of spiritual direction .

some art for you to reflect on . Do post comments and ask questions .

An introductory vlog